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Vertical Wall Mount System

You hear a noise in your home...what do you do?

You reach for your weapon, thats what!

With a Shotgun/Rifle vertical mount system at your fingertips,
you will always have

Peace Of Mind At Arms Reach.

Shotgun/Rifle Vertical Mount System
made from .100" 5051 aluminum plate.

Price:  24.95

The stock of your weapon sits on ultra soft 10LB PE Foam rubber and the barrel rests in-between a looped Velcro securing system. Simply rip the velcro, grab and go in one motion.

This unit is made from .100" 5051-H32 aluminum plate (very sturdy stuff) and easily mounts to a wall, back of a door or anywhere you want to hide your Shotgun, AR or rifle.  That's right, any Shotgun, AR or rifle you have sitting around in the closet or the garage or behind the door or next to the bed, will hang from the Tiger Shotgun/Rifle and AR Vertical Wall Mount System. This allows you to have major firepower at your disposal if the need should ever arise.

You can line up several of these units to properly mount your weapons for a grab and go senario.

Peace Of Mind At Arms Reach