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Universal Mount / Pistol Holster System

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This unit is made from .100" thick 5051-H32 aluminum (good sturdy stuff) and mounts to any surface you wish to install it on.  Using the supplied 1/8" lasered holes or heavy duty double sided tape (not supplied), you can mount your Universal Mount Holster System on the inside of a desk wall, under a desk top, on the back of a door just about anywhere you want.  Great for motorhome use, back of a headboard, on the side of a waterbed rail.  This will will allow you to attach just about any holster of your choice to the Universal Mounting System.  That's right, just about any holster you have sitting around in the closet or the garage or in a box in the attic, will mount to the
Tiger Holster System. 

Just about any holster can be attached by using the two 25" long and 1" wide double sided High Strength Velcro Belt Strip included with mounting system. With the custom cutouts and special frame design, I haven't found a holster that wouldn't fit just right. 

But wait, there's more...

If you want to mount your flashlight, knife or phone or anything else that has a beltloop case or clip, I have made the mounting platform extra wide with extra holes for you to attach those items as well.  A flashlight is always a good thing to have at the ready if needed. 
You can clip your phone, pager, flashlight, knife or anything else you wish to mount on your Tiger Holster Universal Mount System. Remember, you can mount any device you wish to the Tiger Holster Systems mounting plate and be at the ready when needed.

But for you ladies, my wife has her PPK/S at Arms Reach by her side when ever she is at the sewing machine in the basement and she loves it. 

You can weave the the special velcro belt strip in and around any holster to securely fasten it to your Tiger Holster Universal Mount System.

Unlike a few other versions out there, our unit is guaranteed to give you a lifetime of use.  WE DON'T SELL HOLSTERS.  We use YOUR holster that fits YOUR weapon perfectly to be attached to our Universal Mount Holster System.

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Universal Holster mounting platform.  Can be installed on any surface in any position. 

Price: 29.95

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