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Tiger Holster Systems products are
American Made

Tiger Holster Systems
SideBoard Bed Products

Universal Holster Holder

Mount any holster you want to our new Sideboard Bed Holster Holder
Comes with 1" double sided American Made Velcro to secure you holster and the unit to the sideboard.

TWS-SB-P38 & P45
Pistol Peg Holder System

Comes with a heavy duty American Made rubber cushion to protect the nose of your weapon.

Shotgun / AR Rifle Holder

Holds most any shotgun, Long Rifle or AR weapon you have in your arsenal.
Comes with American Made high density rubber foam strips to safely cushion your weapon.


SideBoard Bed Shotgun / AR Holder
Price:  $34.95


SideBoard Bed Holster Holder
Price:  $29.95


SideBoard Bed Pistol Holder
Holds .380, 9mm, .38cal, .357 to .40cal

Price:  $24.95


SideBoard Bed Pistol Holder
Holds .45acp up to .500 S&W

Price:  $24.95


You're a CCW American and when you come home, whats the first thing you do with your rig? Put it away? Put it in the night stand? Put it on the dresser or kitchen table? Maybe hang it in the closet? Maybe you go to sleep with it?

How would you like to finally have a Holster System that will give you Peace Of Mind At Arms Reach and would accomodate almost any holster you own? Left Hand, Right Hand, IWB, OWB, Small of Back, tuckable, clip on, belt loop, pancake, Fobus, Dillion, Galco, Milt Sparks, just about any holster you have sitting around the house. Maybe you're like me and have a basket of holsters that fit any number of weapons you own but they just don't feel right on your body, or maybe you've lost or gained weight and they don't feel right any more. Maybe it's your summer holster, your winter holster, your dress holster, your go out for a walk holster, maybe you have many holsters you use for the variety of weapons you wear depending on your mood or where you are going? You don't want to get rid of them because you never know when you will use them again, so you collect them.

Well now you can have your cake and eat it too!

With a new Tiger Holster System you can finally get some use out of your holster. Our new Sideboard Holster System will fit almost any Holster just right.

But That's not all, what about you folks who have a shotgun stuck behind the door, or stuffed in the corner next to your bed, maybe it's hanging up on the wall ready for action?

With a new Tiger Holster System for your pistol or a Shotgun Holder System, you truly will have
Peace Of Mind At Arms Reach

Our units are made from .100" thick 5051-H32 aluminum (good sturdy stuff) and laser cut it to use a strong 1" wide double sided velcro belt strap to weave in and around your holster to fit it snugly and securely to our Holster System.

I know you will enjoy these products which are guaranteed 100% for lIfe.

Thanks for shopping!
Guy Caputo

All Tiger Aluminum Products carry a 1 year full replacement warranty with proof of purchase.

If your Tiger Aluminum Product becomes defective, broke or unusable, simply return it with receipt of purchase for a FREE warranty replacement.

There is a 20% restocking charge for any unused returned items minus (-) S/H

Any item returned must have an approved Return Authorization #